Advantech Connect | Digitalization of Shop Floor Management in Production Planning | Panel Discussion 3 - Product Deployment by Dennis Lan

With Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing booming, manufacturing around the world is striving to upgrade to achieve more stable and superior production processes and product quality, and to respond to the impact of COVID-19, forcing many companies to move towards a digital transformation of smart factories. The first step in implementing a smart factory is to network the equipment and accurately grasp the status of the equipment through equipment anticipation and maintenance technology to improve equipment reliability and avoid the hidden costs of unexpected downtime.

This online forum will specifically invite experts in the field of spectrum technology to share with us on the basic thinking of equipment prediction and maintenance to extend the life of equipment, help the traditional factory transformation automation, intelligent factory.

【iFactory Online Webinar Agenda】

▪ Panel Discussion
Moderator by Ryan Lai | Advantech
Market Readiness by Dr Lee | Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC)
Product Deployment by Dennis Lan | Advantech
Success Deployment Case Study by Haggar Cahya Kusuma | Eforel

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